Thursday, 18 February 2016

Southampton rush their way to a win over Chichester

Report and images by Jason Brown

The Southampton Stags and Chichester Spitfires met again for the second time this season. With the Spitfires winning the first game, the Stags would not want to walk away with another loss. Both teams were looking to improve their win tally so it was an important fixture. 


Both team’s defences were playing hard from the whistle, with many 3 and outs and turnovers, with the offences taking some time to find their feet.


It was the Stags who struck first in the opening quarter, scoring on a short pass into the end zone for a touchdown caught by #13. The extra point was no good giving them a 6-0 lead. The Spitfires managed a field goal in the second quarter and were yards away from scoring a touchdown when the Stags forced another turnover via an interception. The Stags preceded to move the ball downfield which ended in field goal, just before the half time whistle, making it 9-3 as the players left the field.


After managing to get a brief chat with the Stags head coach he said they were determined to start the second half with the same intensity and it was important to get on the scoreboard first.


This proved difficult for both teams during the third quarter as the defences were still in charge on the field. The offences exchanged punting the ball until it looked like the Spitfires were starting to find some rhythm. They moved up field and were again in the red zone. On second and goal, the Stags defence stepped in and intercepted the ball, forcing another turnover.


The Stags offence looked like they found another gear as their running game pounded down the field for their second touchdown by #24. The extra point was no good and the score moved to 15-3.


The Stags dominated in the fourth quarter; their defence held the Spitfires from scoring again and the offence continued to run the ball down field, taking time off the clock and scoring their third touchdown of the day. A two-point conversion was no good and a late field goal attempt from the Stags went wide. As the final whistle blew the end result was a fair 21-3 win for the Southampton Stags.


The Stags offence, once they gathered momentum, started to look like a team with potential. The O line protected their quarter back well and made holes that their running back could and did take full advantage of when asked to. Their running game eventually worn down the Spitfires defence and started to take control, which was a huge turning point in the game, making it difficult for the Spitfires to mount a come back.


Credit has to go the Stags defence, who only allowed a field goal for the entire game, forced several turnovers and sacked the Spitfires quarter back a couple of times. All in all it was a very spirited and well-fought match.


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  1. Thanks Gordon, ok for a newbie at reporting the game, will defiantly be trying more in the seasons ahead